Over the years, we have evolved from a soccer based program to one that is much more complete called the Infinite Model.

Futbol Forever has among other things,  taught children how to think on their own and make better life choices to resolve situations they are faced with in their daily lives. While the results in these areas have been excellent, we felt it necessary to maximize these achievements with a more comprehensive view. Therefore, we have decided to expand in the community and for this purpose we have designed a Model that we call Infinite. 

The Futbol Forever foundation works to substantially improve the living conditions of children, youth and all members of impoverished communities in El Salvador.  

We are conscious that the structure of the current aid system and social politics make it impossible to overcome poverty for those that live in it.

We are convinced that profound changes are essential and necessary when addressing these issues. These changes are crucial so that millions of Salvadorians and Latin Americans faced with these difficult situations can have the opportunity to live a more dignified life.

We propose a different interpretation toward the problems of poverty and how to overcome them.  To explain this we appeal for heavy changes in ideologies, cultures, operations, as well as others factors that are necessary to better understand this phenomenon that certainly includes the support system.

The ideology and activities that we carry out, seek to revolutionize the current aid system and social politics.  In addition, we seek to improve the treatment of those in need and enable them to escape poverty and form their communities into ones going through transitional development.

At Futbol Forever, the efforts we make are focused in: a) giving guidance to society in general; especially to those that form part of the support system and the social politics involved in the treatment and ideas made to address these issues, b) improving the support system through a series of recommendations, c) implementing these guidelines illustrated in our Infinite Model Program in Soyapango, El Salvador.

We believe that there is a political will and determination to carry out these needed efforts by those that make up the support system and by the decision makers of those that take part in social politics.  The solution is much closer than it may seem, taking in to consideration the existing possibilities.  These changes will help gain understanding and participation of the different sectors of society.

Our activities focus on the following: 

  1. Propose to public and private organizations, which form part of the aid system and social politics, to incorporate a series of fundamental recommendations into their practices and/ or programs so that resources will effectively reach those in most need.

  2. Invite the general public to reflect about the importance of participation in community building and transitional development. Specifically in areas where there is room for true public participation.

  3. Implement our Infinite Model Program that follows our mentioned nine recommendations. Those recommendations are based on activities that allow children, youth and the general public of Soyapango, El Salvador to reach full development and opportunities to overcome poverty. The model uses a series of traditional and non-traditional resources to create profound changes that are necessary. 


This document was formally presented by Dr. Carlos Bilardo with a group of personalities representing different sectors of the country, on March 30 at an event held at the school center of Santa Eduviges, Soyapango, El Salvador.

The document consists of 9 recommendations that should be taken into account by the system of support through its programs and organizations, so that the resources devoted to the needy can be more efficient and allow them to substantially improve their living conditions.

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Forever's Infinite Model is a comprehensive development program aimed to substantially improve the quality of life for children, youth, and neighbors from the communities with the greatest needs. This is achieved through a series of selected activities to produce a real impact in the areas of health, education, training, employment, micro credits, sports, and cultural and recreational activities, among others.

These activities are carried out by individuals, groups, and private and public organizations from different sectors of society, who blend in with those who have not had the same opportunities; this generates a committed participation of all the parties involved which results very beneficial and effective for all. 

The model uses a series of traditional and non-traditional resources to optimize results and achieve the social impact that is needed to produce profound changes.

Infinite Model Update for Forever in 2012  

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For more information about the model.   

See the Infinite Model's Chart of La Campanera y Santa Eduviges

1. To substantially improve the living conditions of children, youth, families and neighbors of the most neglected communities in the areas of health, education, training, employment, microcredit, culture, sports, entertainment, environment and infrastructure.

2. To guide and improve the existing support system by making it more effective, using certain fundamentals so that the available resources come to impact the quality of life of those most in need.

3. To create a model program that can be implemented in other communities with similar characteristics.

4. We aspire that residents can live in communities that are in transitional development.  

5. To strengthen the social fabric of El Salvador at all levels: educational, occupational, social, health, cultural, political and economic.

Created by the Futbol Forever Foundation, the Futbol Forever's Program is a unique children's program whose objective is to teach children a new model of learning through soccer . The Program consists of 26 educational soccer clinics during which instructors and volunteers, who have attended our training sessions teach a series of specifically designed exercises. The continuous practice of these exercises results in proper learning techniques and reinforces basic emotional values which are important to the development of the children, ultimately enabling the children to develop a new model of learning.

The main goal of this Program is to help the children incorporate this model of learning into their everyday lives and guide them to apply it to their relationships with their families, their friends, their schools and with themselves. We aim to establish sustainability beyond the Futbol Forever Program by showing them how to apply the lessons they learn at the clinics in their everyday life. Like the proverb, "Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime," our goal is to give the children and their communities the necessary tools to improve their lifestyles permanently.  

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Using soccer as a mechanism for change, Futbol Forever seeks to create a generation of children who are better prepared not only mentally but academically as well. Futbol Forever will help open many doors to better their future and will provide them with the necessary tools to improve not only their future, but also the one of their communities.

All the knowledge that will be acquire from the program can and should be use in their daily lives and help them to find better solutions to their personal and community problems. It is very important that the communities get involve and help. Everyone will benefit from the success of the program and we try to make it as easy as possible for everyone in the area to get involved.


 "The methods of help that are in practice need to be significantly improve in order to make a worthwhile impact in the community.  The lack of quality and quantity of the programs is one of the reasons why is nearly impossible to create a solution to the high demand of social problems today.   In the other hand, there are some great sources of help that have yet to be explored due to the lack of social compromise. 

The deficit can be notice with the universities and big corporations: in both cases there is a surplus of resources, the university have a lot of knowledge and the corporations have many unused funds.  The shocking part is that both of these entities do not see how much the community needs their help and they are unaware of how much help they can be.  For example, the classes taught to earn a social studies career are theory oriented and they have no real life application. Therefore, no one in the community is getting benefit from this knowledge because the theory is never turn into practice. 

It is important to develop a program in the universities that relates theory to practice in order to have an important impact in the community and change people’s life for the better.  It will be important to show the college students that learning about social studies and putting that knowledge to practice in the community can defiantly change the life of those in need.  It is important to create the concept that knowledge is power and it is beneficial to share it with society and those in need."  

Alejandro Gutman

Dr. Carlos Bilardo




 We are very pleased and proud to announce the new alliance with the sports company Mitre. They have donated 6,000 soccer balls that will be distributed within the next four years.

Mitre represents a helping hand and a great contributor to continuing with the important developing of the Futbol Forever Program in the places more needed through the country.

To learn more about Mitre’s social contribution go to: The Great Football Giveaway

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